I want to notice because I think it’s time. I definitely erase this blog. I’m not comfortable, so that those who want to really crackships and have extreme patience, I will put in another post the following blog. So thanks to more than those thousand people following me, a kiss and look after you very much, I’ll see you on the other!

I miss them a lot! 

Sinceramente, si no ponéis de vuestra parte para enviar mensajes, no puedo hacer nada al respecto. Por eso estoy tan desmotivada con el blog, intento que me deis ideas de lo que queréis y nadie dice nada.

Honestly, if all of you do not put on your part to send messages, I can not do anything about it. That’s why I’m so discouraged with the blog, no you give me ideas intent of what you want and nobody says anything.


Hola amores. Soy yo de nuevo, se que lo he dejado pero he tenido muchísimos problemas personales que no le deseo a nadie y como todos, tenemos una vida fuera de la pantalla. Realmente quisiera seguir con el blog porque últimamente necesito motivación, pero creo que el blog le falta algo, no solo de crackships, así que me gustaría que me dieran alguna idea, mi ask está abierto y estaré encantada de responder. 

Hello love. It’s me again, I’ve left but I have had many personal problems that would not wish anyone and like everyone, we have a life off the screen. I really want to continue with the blog lately because I need motivation, but I think the blog lacking something, not just crackships, so I’d like to give me some idea, my ask is open and will be happy to respond.


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